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We make delicious lemonade with raspberry!

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We love strawberries

We love strawberries. Why? They have lots of vitamins C & B-11

Would you like to help?

Start your own Cool Bear lemonade stand! A lovely way to help other people! It doesn't matter how old you are or where you are, you can take part in helping other people.

Delicous and healthy 

No Added Sugar

Our drinks are made with Stevia! Stevia has no calories and it is much better for you than sugar!

Do you like coloring? 

We give away cool prizes!  Do you like coloring? Print out our colorsheet, color it, make a picture and send it to info@coolbear.nl

Funny Joke!

What kind of tree can fit into your hand? A palm tree!

Made with Love

Love is our secret ingredient!