Nothing but the best for our children!

We knew we could make something better, so we did!

Sugar Free Alternative - 0% Sugar added

Cool Bear® puts sugar free alternatives on the market made from natural origin for the whole family. By natural we mean nothing weird, fake or artificial. No artificial additives like colouring, thickener, aspartame or other additives. Cool Bear® is a delicious and honest product, made from 100% natural ingredients. More is not needed! Harmful ingredients are not allowed. We only make use of the best natural ingredients.

Made with lots of love and care

We are grateful to offer parents a healthy and responsible alternative. Our products are made with lots of love and care, a perfect choice for our children.

Would you like to help us? Together we can contribute towards a healthier world, drop by drop. So are you, by choosing our healthy and responsible products for the whole family. Enroll and become a Cool Bear® Buddy member, and share your way in helping other people!

Cool Bear productline

100% Goodness

Cool Bear loves u

No Aspartame, artificial flavouring, colouring, thickeners

Cool Bear mission

Meet Cool Bear®

Cool Bear® is a life-sized mascot with a big heart. With his personality and heart he helps Ana to capture the hearts of children and families. As a mascot Cool Bear® knows that children are the future!

One big family

Cool Bear® isn't just there to inspire the children, he is here to inspire the whole family! From children to parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, grandfathers and grandmothers, to live healthier lives together. He is funny, hip, cool and sweet and knows that being healthy is important for every family.  Cool Bear® is friends with everyone! You can become a Cool Bear® Buddy member and sign up for love, friendship, a monthly newsletters and promotions!

Cool Bear® also has a social role in helping the company and the projects supported by the company. He supports the chosen partner projects by donating lemonade. In addition, Cool Bear® is an inspiration for healthy products and a sporty and healthy lifestyle.

 "Cool Bear® and the dream machine"

A book to inspire children - coming soon

We must teach our children to dream with their eyes open - H. Edwards

Ana Santiago

"I am very proud and grateful that I am able to contribute and do my part in making the world a little bit healthier. By buying our Cool Bear® products, so are you! "