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The smart, natural way to enhance H2O.

Raspberry Cranberry

Little Bottle with Syrup

Fruitdrops Framboos Cranberry

Mandarin Citrus

For 30 Portions

Fruitdrops Mandarijn Citurs

Squeeze more into life

The Cool Bear® Fruit Drops are a concentrate lemonade syrup in a little 2go bottle with a spill-proof lid! With just one squeeze you've turned a plain bottle of water into a delicious fruity drink.

Cool Bear® is made with delicious, all-natural fruit and Stevia leaf extracts and has 0% sugar added. Each portable Fruit Drops contains 30 servings, just flip open the spill-proof lid, point down and squeeze to deliciously flavor your tap water, bottled water, sparkling water or even in cocktail.

Cool Bear® Fruit drops are available in 2 flavors: Raspberry Cranberry and Tangerine Citrus. What's your favorite way to dress up a bottle of plain H2O?